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Sloep huren tijdens Gay Pride Amsterdam

Hire a Sloop during Gay Pride Amsterdam

Do you want to hire a boat during gay pride Amsterdam? Be quick because this event takes place on the water and boats sell out quickly. Amsterdam gay pride is one of the biggest events in the city of Amsterdam. This year it wil take place from the 25th of July till the 2nd of August. The world-famous canal parade will take place on Saturday the 1st of August.

Gay pride Amsterdam is the most spectacular party that takes place in the canals of Amsterdam! Besides the official opening in Vondelpark, the rainbow market and sport events, the canal parade is the most exciting part of the gay pride Amsterdam. This years theme is ‘remember the past, create te future’. This theme is in remembrance of the stonewall riots that took place in New York 50 years ago.

Be who you are

Pink Saturday was organized by the international lesbian alliance seven years after the stonewall riots. The first gay pride Amsterdam took place in 1966 and is since then an event that attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year. During this event we embrace the fact that we are all unique and that we may love who we desire. LOVE is the central theme in this event. The canal parade is the highlight of the event every year.

An amazing thrill from your own boat.

The canal parade is most exciting when experienced on the water. This way you are guaranteed the best view on the boat parade. Every parade boat is decorated in glitter and glamour. At Eco Boats Amsterdam you can rent a boat for 12 persons and be your own captain for the full day.

Book you boat here.

Sailing routes

Dock your boat somewhere along the route and enjoy the boat parade. The organization of Gay Pride released the following route:

Oosterdok – Nieuwe herengracht – Amstel – Prinsengracht – Westerdok. Make sure that you arrive on time to make sure you can park your eco boat on the route. Full is full, The organization regulates the amount of boats on the route, if you’re too late you might not be able to reserve a spot. The parade starts at 12:30 and ends at 17:00.

Reserve your sloop with Eco boats

Make sure you don’t miss out and book your eco boat now. We sell out very quickly each year. You can easily book your boat on our reservation page. Select the date (1st of August) and complete the reservation. Tip: make sure you collect your sloop at 10 a.m. in order to avoid the rush hour(s).

On the water

Once you have found your perfect spot to park on the parade route. There is only one thing to do: enjoy the ride and dance! You are allowed to bring your own drinks and food. And don’t forget to make some insta worthy pics!


If our boats are all sold out, check out the page of our sister company Canal Motorboats. This company also rents out boats in the canals of Amsterdam.