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Lessor’s rights and obligations

The lessor shall ensure that the vessel, complete with the extras mentioned in the agreement, is in good condition and can be used for the purpose for which it is intended (at least one paddle available).

  • The lessor shall ensure that the vessel, complete with the extras mentioned in the agreement, is in good condition and can be used for the purpose for which it is 1intended (at least one paddle available).
  • The lessor shall also provide adequate third-party and casualty insurance for the vessel (max. € 150,- deductible).
  • The lessor is not liable for damage to goods or for any physical injury/accident unless that damage and/or that injury/accident is the direct consequence of a defect in the vessel made available by the lessor.
  • Due to bad weather conditions (wind force 5 or more) and/or excessive use of alcohol and/or other narcotics, the lessor may not allow the lessee to sail or commands the lessee to return to the marina or immediately sail to a mooring designated by him.

Tenant’s rights and obligations

  • The hirer has the right of use of the vessel hired out to him and takes delivery of it at the agreed time. Before departure, the hirer shall check the vessel for damage and inventory and report any defects to the lessor without delay. The lessee must use the vessel with due care and attention and in accordance with the destination and sailing rules (including the number of persons on board).
  • The hirer is deemed to have sufficient skill to sail the boat.
  • The tenant must be able to show a valid proof of identity.
  • The tenant must be at least 18 years old.
  • At the end of the rental period, the hirer must hand over the vessel, in the same condition in which he received it, to the lessor at the agreed time and place, regardless of the weather conditions, unless article 4 (see Rights and obligations of the lessor) occurs. If the hirer leaves the boat in an emergency, he must inform the lessor as soon as possible.
  • The hirer is liable for the (consequential) damage and/or loss of the vessel, insofar as not covered by the insurance, arising during the time that he is in possession of the vessel. The hirer is not liable if he can prove that the damage and/or loss cannot be attributed to him or one of his co-inhabitants.
  • The hirer may not play live music or mechanical music by means of amplifiers on board.

Reservation, payment, cancellation

  • In case of reservation, the landlord may ask for a prepayment. If the tenant does not make the advance payment on time or does not receive the rented property on time, he cannot derive any rights from his reservation.
  • At the latest on the commencement date of the rental period and before departure, the deposit and the full rental sum must be paid. At the end of the rental period, the deposit will be refunded to the lessor after deduction of what the lessee still owes the lessor.
  • Cancellation by the tenant more than one week before the start of the agreed rental period is free of charge. One week to two days before the start of the rental period the tenant owes 50% of the rent and from two days before the start of the rental period 100% of the rent is due. The lessor owes 25% of the rental sum if the craft is not available without prior written notice.

Eco Boats Amsterdam
Zandhoek 22
1013 KT Amsterdam
Phone number: + 31 (0) 621617111
KVK: 34241039
BTW-nummer: NL146432630B02

Amsterdam canal cruises with Eco Boats

Amsterdam canal cruises with Eco Boats

Room for 8 or 12 people
Rent a private boat
Incl. blankets, cushions and a map of the canals
No license needed
Steer by means of a steering wheel
Rent an electric boat
Free life jackets for children
You're the captain

Amsterdam boat rental location

Eco Boats is located at Zandhoek 22, 1013 KT Amsterdam. Our Amsterdam boat rental is located in the Westerdok, less than 15 minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station or 5 minutes by bus 48, stop Barendszplein. There is also plenty of parking space nearby if you come by car or bike. There are several car parks within walking distance where you can park.

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  • Cruise the most famous canals of Amsterdam
  • Make your own route through Amsterdam
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  • Combine it with fun activities in Amsterdam
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Rent a boat in Amsterdam with Eco Boats Amsterdam

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