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Canal routes Amsterdam tips

Amsterdam has many beautiful canals, bridges, buildings and parks. It is therefore no surprise that the Canal District has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2010. But which Amsterdam canal route will you take? It’s a good idea to plan your route in advance so you don’t have to worry about it while you’re boating. This way you can be sure that you won’t miss a thing. Also please read the canal rules before going on the canals. Take a look at the Amsterdam canal routes below and rent a boat in Amsterdam.

amsterdam canal routes centre

Boat routes Amsterdam centre

We’ve mapped out two enjoyable canal routes in Amsterdam centre for you: The Royal Route and The Artis Route. You can also combine them if you want to cruise longer. You’ll cruise along the most famous canals in the centre of Amsterdam and pass by at least 15 highlights.

Royal canal route Amsterdam

On the Royal boating route, you’ll cruise along Amsterdam’s most famous canals such as the Prinsengracht and the Keizersgracht. You’ll encounter the following attractions in Amsterdam:


  • Lekkeresluis Bridge
  • Noorderkerk
  • Amsterdam Tulip Museum
  • Anne Frank House
  • Westertoren and Westerkerk
  • 9 Streets / 9 Straatjes
  • Houseboat Museum
  • Amstelkerk


  • Amstelsluis
  • Skinny Bridge / Magere Brug
  • Hermitage / H’Art Museum


  • Reguliersgracht
  • Museum van Loon
  • 9 Streets / 9 Straatjes
  • Homomonument

Artis route Amsterdam

On the Artis boating route, you’ll cruise past, among others, the Artis Zoo. You’ll encounter the following highlights in Amsterdam:

Amstel (part 1)

  • Skinny Bridget / Magere Brug
  • Amstelsluis


  • Artis Zoo


  • Het Scheepvaartmusem
  • NEMO Science Museum


  • Montelbaanstoren
  • Sint Antoniesluis
  • Café de Sluyswacht
  • Rembrandthuis

Amstel (part 2)

  • Amsterdam City Hall
  • Spinoza Monument
  • The Dancing Houses / Dansende Huizen
  • Waterlooplein
  • National Opera & Ballet
  • Blue Bridge / Blauwbrug
  • Hermitage / H’Art Museum

Which Amsterdam canal route will you choose?

Have you decided which canal route on the Amsterdam canals you’re going to take? You’re the captain and can decide for yourself where you want to cruise and how long. You can rent a boat for 2 hours or longer. At Eco Boats Amsterdam, you can sail without a license. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult. We’ll explain the rules and provide you with a route map on board.

Creating your own canal route through Amsterdam

Would you rather create your own enjoyable boating route through Amsterdam? Check out the Amsterdam canal route planner, map out your own route, and show your friends or family what a great skipper you are. Besides the above-mentioned Amsterdam routes and popular hotspots, there are, of course, many more fun attractions in the capital city that you can cruise by. That way, you can decide which canal route you want to take yourself.

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We offer three options:
  1. Rent an electric boat that you may sail yourself, no boating license required.
  2. Rent a private canal boat with a captain and space for 30 people, including additional packages like catering and open bar.
  3. Purchase a ticket for our classic canal cruise starting from Amsterdam Centre and cruise through Amsterdam Center in 1 hour.

We are open every day, all year round.
  • Monday: 10:00 - 22:00
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Certainly! You can hire a boat with us during various events, such as King's Day, Gay Pride, and the Amsterdam Light Festival. The rental usually starts 4 to 6 months in advance. So, make sure to book in advance to secure a boat.

Available boats

  • Small boats that you can sail yourself
  • Private canal boats with a captain and space for 30 people
  • Tickets for our public canal cruise

Do you need to sail yourself or is there a captain?

Please note: on King's Day, you always rent a boat with a captain. You can rent both the small boats and the large private canal cruise boat with space for 30 people. On other holidays/events, you are allowed to sail yourself.

Food and drinks

Regarding food and drinks on King's Day and Gay Pride: On the small boats where you are the captain, you may bring your own food and drinks. On the large boats (30-person boats), it's only allowed to bring your own food. We will arrange the drinks for you.

Certainly! You can hire a private large boat, including a captain and catering and/or activities. The IJdok boat accommodates 30 people, ensuring exclusivity for your group. Or you can rent multiple smaller boats that you can sail yourself. This means you are the captain. No boating licence needed! You can choose between different boats.  

In addition to the regular boat rental fee, we are obliged to charge tourist tax at €2.50 per person. This applies to all boat rentals in Amsterdam.

The rates vary per boat. We offer 4 different self-drive boats. You rent a boat for a minimum of 2 hours, and pay a low amount per hour for any additional time.

This depends on the boat. This way, you can choose which boats fits your needs.

When you rent a boat with us, you can go plastic fishing for free. We provide all the necessary equipment on board, including nets and garbage bags, allowing you to fish for plastic during your canal cruise. Not only is it a fun activity, but it's also environmentally friendly! Learn more about plastic fishing. This can be booked at no extra cost for both self-piloted boats and private canal cruises. It's important to notify us in advance. You can do this by including 'plastic fishing' in the comments when making a reservation.

You can rent a self-drive boat from us at two locations. Where you pick up the boat, you must also return the boat.
  • Location Centre: Zandhoek 22 1013 KT Amsterdam. Check the directions to this location.
  • Location East: Daniël Goedkoopstraat 11096 BD Amsterdam. Check the directions to this location.
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