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Check out the sailing rules

Am I allowed to sail without a license?

You may sail all by yourself, as long as you are 18 years of age or older.

Do I need experience to drive the boat?

You don’t need any experience to sail the boat, after our professional explanation you will sail the canals as an experienced captain.

How many people fit in the boat?

You are allowed with a maximum of 12 persons on the boat.

What are the sailing rules in Amsterdam?

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You pay a deposit of €150,- cash or by credit card.

What are the conditions for cancellation (in case of bad weather)?

In case of extreme weather (storm or thunderstorm) you may cancel free of charge.
In case of rain or cold it is not possible to cancel, but you can reschedule the cruise to another date up to 24 hours before the cruise.

What is the minimum age to rent a boat?

The minimum age is 18 years.

Can I extend my sailing time afterwards?

If it’s not too busy, it’s always possible, it’s best to give us a call.

At which location(s) can I rent a boat?

Zandhoek 22
1013 KT Amsterdam

Can I rent a boat on holidays and during events?

Yes, there are different rates and conditions during events.
See our website.

Wat gebeurt er als ik de boot te laat terugbreng?

Dat hebben wij het liefst niet, mocht het toch gebeuren, dan verrekenen wij dat met uw borg. Er zal een bedrag van €20,- per kwartier dat u te laat komt verrekend worden

Mag ik eten en (alcoholisch) drinken meenemen op de boot?

Dat mag zeker, meer dan welkom om al het eten en drinken mee te nemen.
Let wel de kapitein dient nuchter te zijn en te blijven

(Waar) kan ik tijdens het varen aanleggen?

Op plekken waar geen verbodsborden staan en ook geen andere schepen/woonschepen liggen

How long in advance can I make a reservation?

Up to one hour in advance

Can I pay on the day itself?

This is certainly possible, on busy days we advise you to always book online in advance.

Do you have a navigational map on the boat?

Yes, we give you advice on the route to sail and we also have nice routes to take on board.

What kind of boat is it?

We rent aluminium boats for up to 7 people, whisper quiet and comfortable.

Can I rent a boat with captain?

This can be done in consultation, call or email us. You can find our details here.

Do I need insurance to rent a boat?

You have an excess of €150,- furthermore, all damage is covered by our insurance.

Can I play music on the boat?

You may not play amplified music on the boat.

Do you have life jackets (for children)?

We have life jackets for everyone.


Do you also do company outings or parties?

Yes, we organize the best outings for companies and family outings, please contact us by mail, for a nice scavenger hunt or catering request.