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Do a fun activity while cruising the Amsterdam canals

You read it right, we offer free activities when renting a boat, provided there is sufficient equipment. Put it in the comments when making a reservation if you want to make use of this. Do you have special wishes or would you like to organise another outing? Then pelase contact us. We’re happy to help!

Tip: Fun to do with the company as a team outing!

  • Plastic fishing
  • Scavenger hunt

Plastic fishing

Cleaning is fun, during plastic fishing in Amsterdam. You may have heard about it before: you go out on the canals with a boat to fish plastic from the canals of Amsterdam. You do this with scoop nets that you get from us. And at Eco Boats we only rent out electric boats. So you also cruise the canals eco friendly!

Why plastic fishing?

What do you do to keep the planet clean? Do you think it is important for everyone to help out? We agree with you. Amsterdam is our home base and, like everyone else, we love our beautiful canals, which have been on the World Heritage List since 2010. Together, we all ensure that these beautiful canals remain so wonderful. Will you help?

How does plastic fishing work?

We recommend 2 hours for plastic fishing, of course you can also go longer. This will give you enough time to collect as much plastic and other waste as possible. You rent a boat from us, and we’ll provide the scoop nets and garbage bags. It is best to separate the waste directly on board.

  • First you book a boat (when booking, put in the comments that you want to go plastic fishing)
  • You’ll get a map, scoop nets and garbage bags on board
  • We’ll explain all the rules before you set off
  • There are also blankets, cushions and life jackets for children on board to make the cruise comfortable

What did others think of plastic fishing?

“Plastic fishing with Eco Boats Amsterdam was really good. While exploring Amsterdam, you can really mean something to the city. That’s nice.” – Chantal

“Everyone got competitive! Everything that didn’t belong in the canal was taken away. Really great fun to do together.” – Alex

“The children found it extremely interesting. Wonderful to see how they did their best and later told their parents why it is so important.” – Mirna

Mention during booking

Want to experience this too? You can! It can be added for free when you book a boat. You can rent a boat online. Please put in the comments that you want to go plastic fishing, or you can call or email us. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Scavenger hunt on the water

Would you like to discover Amsterdam in an interactive way? Then a scavenger hunt is perfect as an outing with family, friends or colleagues. There’s a lot to discover on Amsterdam’s canals, and how fun is it to do so in game form during a scavenger hunt!

Why go on a scavenger hunt?

Cruising the canals in Amsterdam is fun to do. Would you like to make it just a bit more interactive and get to know Amsterdam better at the same time? Then a scavenger hunt is a great idea. Discover Amsterdam’s rich history and cruise past its most beautiful spots.

How does the treasure hunt work?

We recommend that you allow at least 2 hours for the scavenger hunt for the location in the Center. For location East at least 3 hours. You can then go on a beautiful route during which you will be given various assignments to discover Amsterdam. Work together to get answers to the questions. Want to make it a bit more challenging? Then rent several boats and create different teams. Which team will finish the scavenger hunt first?

  • First you book a boat. Put in the comments that you want to do a scavenger hunt.
  • You will be given a map and tasks to complete during the boat ride.
  • We will explain all the sailing before you set off.
  • There are also blankets, cushions and life jackets for children available to make the boat trip comfortable.

What did others think of the scavenger hunt?

“Rented several boats, very friendly service and the boats are very comfortable. Very fun scavenger hunt done with the team and definitely worth repeating.” – Farred

“The scavenger hunt was fun to do. We did this during a family day. Not only the kids, but also the adults really enjoyed it.” – Jesse

“An incredibly fun way to get to know Amsterdam with the team. And enjoyed the beautiful canals in between. ” – Myrthe

Please mention when booking

Want to experience this too? You can! It can be added for free when you book a boat. You can book online, put in the comments that you want to do the scavenger hunt, or you can call or email us. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.

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You can rent a boat for a minimum of 2 hours. We offer a low rate per hour. This way you can decide how long you want to rent a boat. Check our boat rental rates for more information.
  • Keizers boat: €60 per hour
  • Prinsen boat: €50 per hour

You can rent a boat from us at two locations. Where you pick up the boat, you must also return the boat.
  • Location Centre: Zandhoek 22 1013 KT Amsterdam. Check the directions to this location.
  • Location East: Daniël Goedkoopstraat 11096 BD Amsterdam. Check the directions to this location.

We are open every day, all year round.
  • Monday: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Tuesday: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Wednesday: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Thursday: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Friday: 10:00 - 21:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday: 10:00 - 22:00

This depends on the boat.
  • Keizers boat: maximum 12 persons
  • Prinsen boat: maximum 8 persons

You can make a reservation on the day itself. You can always call us or make a reservation on our website.

You can call us at that time to ask if this is possible because of other reservations. If you are late bringing the boat back without permission we will charge you €30 per 15 minutes late.

We'd prefer it if that won't happen. Should it happen anyway, we will charge you €30 per 15 minutes late. Please call us if you think you're going to be late.

  • Up to 48 hours before the start of the reservation? Then you can reschedule for free. Cancel completely? Then you will get 50% of the amount paid back.*
  • Within 48 hours before the start of the reservation? Canceling or reschedule is then no longer possible. You then owe the full amount.

In weather conditions where it is not safe to sail, only Eco Boats Amsterdam can decide to reschedule the reservation. The reservation will then be moved free of charge to a later date to be determined by the tenant (within one year after the booked date). We will of course contact you in this situation. *Note: special days such as King's Day and Gay Pride cannot be canceled at all.

Yes you can, but there may be different rates and conditions during events. Please check our homepage for up-to-date information.
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