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Amsterdamse bruggen om langs te varen

Sail along the 5 most beautiful bridges of Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Because of its beautiful canals, this is the ideal city to rent a boat and go exploring on your own. During your trip you’ll come across many characteristic bridges, full of tourists taking pictures of everything. However, some bridges are so special that you’ll have to tune your route to them. Below are the five must see bridges of Amsterdam, for anyone who is planning to explore the city by boat or for those who are wondering why so many pictures are taken of certain bridges.

  1. De magere brug AKA The Skinny Bridge

Maybe a little standard, but you can’t get around this. The Skinny Bridge is the most famous, oldest and also the most photographed bridge in Amsterdam. Opinions are divided about where the name “Skinny Bridge” comes from, but there is no dispute about its beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the makers of the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever chose to use the bridge as a film set for one of its scenes.

  • De blauwe brug AKA The Blue Bridge

That the name “Blue Bridge” is not based on the colour of the bridge is not entirely true! Nowadays this bridge might not be blue anymore, it used to be. For the people who once walked along the Seine in Paris, it might be a recognizable architectural style. The design is copied from the French and that’s easy to see.

  • De Staalmeestersbrug AKA The Steelmaster Bridge

This romantic bridge brings the feelings of love to you. An adorable old-fashioned drawbridge that many people experience as very romantic. Until 2015 many couples hung small locks here to seal their eternal love. When the congregation noticed that this caused too much damage, they put a stop to it. The view from the bridge on the Zuiderkerk is beautiful and partly because of that it is a popular spot for photos. With a magnificent view of the Zuiderkerk, you look out of your eyes from this bridge.

  • De Torensluisbrug AKA The Tower Lock Bridge

This bridge is no less than 42 metres wide, making it one of the widest bridges in Amsterdam. It owes its name to a tower that used to stand on the bridge, which was later removed. Under the bridge you’ll find spaces that previously served as prison cells, later as event rooms and nowadays as community centre.

  • De liefdesbrug AKA The Love Bridge

This bridge doesn’t really belong in this list, as you can’t sail past it, but it’s so romantic that if we didn’t mention it, we’d miss it. You don’t have to go to Central Park in New York for a marriage proposal, as this bridge has exactly the same atmosphere and can be found in Sarphatipark. Officially, the bridge was only recently name the love bridge, but most Amsterdammers have called it that for much longer.

In short, if you’ve made the great choice to hire a boat in Amsterdam, at least you know which bridges need to be on your route!